Saturday, December 20, 2008

waLLa..ePy buFday mOm....*_~

.."Happy Birthday mOm "..
..Semoga mak sihat selalu dan dilindungi Oleh Allah SWT..
..Semoga dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahan rezeki..
..Semoga adik boleh jadi anak yang mak & ayah banggakan..
..If i can be beside u mom, I really want kiss ur hand..
..I Love U So Much Mom..
xXx.. Hugs n kiSs on ur bufDAy ..xXx

Thursday, December 11, 2008

what happen to me???..

i have a lot of story to share wif u.....but i dont have enough time to story about it..>>>happy..tension ...sad..depressed ...enjoy..<<
all of this happen to me around this month..
i'll post all my horror story after i submit the "horror" assignment...wait for it..huhu..

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Yeah2 i'm lucky...BecOz...i juz got award from my luvly sis..tQ so much dear 4 diz AWARD..i’m really2 appreciate it…I’ll give a gud care 2 diz cute monkey..hehe.. nak kena bg makan pisang ke nih?...hehehe…. But,after we got diz AWARD..we have to follow the term & condition :-

· Who got diz award, u can put it in ur own blog..

· Then, link again diz award to the person who give u diz award..

· Give diz AWARD to 7 lucky person..

· Lastly, leave a message to the person who give u diz AWARD and tell them that u have been send the AWARD to the another lucky persons …

my LUCKY guys are :-

. : My LuvLy Sis : .

. : keMa : .

. : k.sLim : .

. : Anna : .

. : cT aDah : .

. : Sis fEErhaN : .

. : meSyaR : .

thanx to all my buddies...4 supporting me...give me an advice..luv all of u so much...


Go2 Aishah… U can do it…Allah will help u…. *_~